Piano Tuning: Do You Need A Professional Tuner?

Piano Tuning Do You Need A Professional Tuner

Piano tuning cannot be learned overnight, it requires considerable amount of time and effort of an individual. If you are amongst those individuals who wishes to perform everything in rush and quickly, then probably piano tuning is not the right thing for you. However for the ones, who are okay to contribute time and efforts then they must give piano tuning a try. Before you start, don’t forget to make a note of certain things. After all considering such factors will help you learn piano tuning easily and also shall keep you protected from any sort of injury.

Piano tuning tools

Before you begin with piano tuning make a note that you would need some special tools for the same. Wrench will be used for tuning pianos. Hammer shall be used for moving piano pins. Dampers made from felt and rubber will also be of much use. while tuning the piano there are chances that strings break, hence in order to avoid any kind of injury it is best to have safety glasses by your side.

Types of pianos and tunings

There are different types of pianos available in the market i.e. grand and upright pianos. They have similar designs, but the main difference lies in the orientation of strings. No matter what kind of piano you have, their string needs to be tuned once in a year. At times, only a few of the strings might appear to be out of tune, hence before tuning the piano do listen and then accordingly perform the tuning. Often entire piano is out of tune and hence performing tuning shall take quite a good amount of time. Hence tuning is never going to be a small job to do, so whenever you get on with the job sure to take out good amount of time and also keep patience during the entire work.

Hire a professional piano tuner

Piano tuning is indeed a complex task to do, hence for individuals who have no idea about tuning or don’t have time to perform it they must consider hiring professional piano tuning services. There might be safety issues in your piano if it has not been tuned for more than a year. In order to avoid any sort of difficult situation it is best to hire a professional who can tackle the job professionally and get your piano tuned in an apt way.